Ishqbaaz 17th October 2018 Written Update

Ishqbaaz 17th October 2018 Written Update by Amena

Ishqbaaz 17th October 2018 Written Episode

Anika says I feel like caging you, sorry I didn’t mean that, I panic when you go away this way, have this phone. Shivaye says I don’t need it. She says I cane easily track you. He says I will inform you before leaving next time. She says you will need this for business. He says I won’t go office, I m not needed there. She says Oberoi empire still needs you. He says Shivaye is dead, I m a murderer, how can I interact with staff, I can’t do this. She says nothing is impossible for you. He says I m not that Shivaye. He says you have suppressed your anger, it has become pain now, take this phone and throw away, so that your SSO gets awakened, break this phone. He says I won’t break this, I can’t do this. She throws the phone and says this gives me peace, you also vent out pain and anger. He says

I m not that Shivaye. He goes. Anika gets sad. Bhavya and Gauri see her and add tadka/spices in the daal. They sign Anika. She asks what.
Gauri asks don’t you get it, the tadka logic. Anika asks what. Gauri says like daal gets tasty after tadka, same way you should… Om comes and says Gauri…. She stops saying. She says Bhavya and I were talking, life and daal are similar, time and situation makes person like spiceless daal, we should put the person in tough situation, that’s when he realizes his strength. Anika smiles and says I got it, there was less water in rice, so its undercooked. Om says Gauri and Bhavya, if your tadka logic is done, serve the food, Dadi is waiting. He goes. Anika says yes, I have to put Shivaye in a tough situation. Om says tomorrow’s speech is imp, since Shivaye has returned, people want to know his position and importance, are you nervous, I have hired one of the best corporate speech writers for your help. Rudra says people have forgotten Shivaye, after my speech, even employees will forget him.

Anika asks Shivaye to come and not be scared, she is his wife, she will take his permission before doing anything. He says very funny. She says then laugh. She jokes. He asks what are you going to write. She says what you are going to dictate, Khanna told me you used to deliver speech on founders day every year. He says I won’t do it. She says I will start. He asks her to start with dear all. She says I will write about deals and mergers. He says its not like that, give it to me. She smiles. He says stop laughing, I know what you are trying to do. She asks can I read it. She reads thank you. He says its not spoken, but expressed by heart, employees are not just employees, but family, Oberoi empire wouldn’t have existed without them, we just make decisions, they work, they have sacrificed a part of their lives for us, no matter how many times we thank them, its less, our company focus on building relations along with products.

Rudra says every employee understands the importance of time and discipline. The man asks do you really want me to write this. Rudra says write whatever I say, I want our company to become the best, our turnover be the highest, I want to set a bigger target next year and achieve it. Shivaye says Oberoi industries belongs to everyone, you are its pillar and foundation. Anika claps and says your words touch hearts, I have written everything, just read this before giving the speech, you are an awesome orator, say it by heart tomorrow. He says I can’t tell this in front of everyone, I can’t attend the function, don’t force me. He goes. She says you will deliver the speech. Om says Rudra will deliver the speech. He says media wants to know whether Shivaye will attend the event, I even told them that Rudra will deliver the speech, it must be outstanding, people haven’t forgotten Shivaye. Rudra says they will forget, he shouldn’t be there. Om says fine, you handle employees, I will handle Shivaye. Anika gets a suit for Shivaye and shows Gauri.

Gauri and Bhavya see arrangements and sign Anika. Anika smiles and goes to Shivaye. She asks him to drink black coffee and get ready. He says I don’t drink coffee. She says this is your fav espresso, I didn’t add sugar in it. He says I don’t drink coffee anymore, coffee wasn’t served in jail, I lost that habit. She says sorry. He says its not your mistake. He goes. Omru check arrangements. Rudra says speech is ready. They see Shivaye. Rudra asks where is he going. Shivaye says thanks for tea, I have drinking this tea since five years. Khanna says if you like it so much, I will get it every morning. Shivaye says thanks for your help and support, for the last five years, you have been supportive towards me and Anika, I was worried thinking about Anika, thanks for supporting Anika. Khanna says she is like my sister, you are my God, I can give my life for you. Shivaye says I don’t want life, but tea. Khanna says I have a request. Shivaye asks do you want off. Khanna says no, its a big day for Oberoi industries, you give the speech, everyone misses you, they will be glad. Omru look on. Om says you will give the speech. Om smiles seeing the big hoarding. He touches it. It falls over. Om holds it. Shivaye comes and pushes it back. Om says I can manage alone, I don’t need help. He pushes it back and goes. Shivaye looks on.

Shivaye asks where are my belongings. Anika says I have thrown it. She asks him to wear the suit, she likes it too. He reacts angry and throws it.

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